General terms and conditions of business:

The General Terms and Conditions of Business of the online store BAM GUITAR CENTER (registered trademark of LM Trade d.o.o.) - hereinafter referred to as the seller, are composed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) and international codes of conduct for e-commerce. 

Method of payment:

The buyer can pay for goods:

- at the time of delivery of goods with cash ( cash on delivery to the postal service or in person in one of the stores)

- by wire transfer with a proforma invoice to the sellers bank account listed on the invoice.

- through Paypal ( with debit or credit cards)



Delivery of all orders, whose total sum is over 50 EUR per purchase is free inside Slovenia and Croatia. For orders whose total sum is under 50 EUR, a standard rate of 5 EUR for shipping inside Slovenia and Croatia will be charged to the customer. For international orders under 100 EUR, a standard rate is 15 EUR and for orders over 100 EUR shipping is free.

All ordered goods are the property of the seller, until paid in full. The seller guarantees immediate shipping of all ordered goods that are in stock. All items that are in the process of already being placed in the shopping cart, are at that time also physically in one of our stores. Exceptions can occur if there is a simultaneous order by multiple buyers of a last piece. In such case , the first order received is given priority. If possible the seller will try to complete all remaining orders . Orders inside Slovenia are handled by our contract partner -Slovenian Post. All order inside Slovenia are shipped the same business day or the next business day ( if all items are in stock). During Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the shipment of goods is not possible.

In case the seller runs out of stock, the seller will contact the buyer immediately and offer an alternative item or brief the customer on  the estimated time of delivery for the items not in stock.

Personal pickup of goods at one of our stores is also possible by prior appointment and confirmation through email.


Validity of prices

All listed prices in the online store are valid only to online shopping , and a difference in price between the online store price and the price in BAM GUITAR CENTER STORES  can occur in some items . The valid prices are the ones that are stated in the order confirmation. All prices are in EUR and include the value added tax (DDV). If the items is not in stock , the price can change , and the buyer will be contacted about the price change by the seller.   

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.


Lowest price guarantee:

If you find an identical item in one of the SLOVENIAN stores with a lower price, please forward the offer to us and we guarantee to match the price.  The lowest price guarantee is applicable to all items that  are currently  on offer with one of the SLOVENIAN retailers and in production, but only in the case that the item is deliverable at the store with the lowest price. The lowest price guarantee is invalid in case of closing down sales , private sales or other non-standard sales.


Product return:

In accordance with the consumer protection act , ordered goods, bought through the online store can be returned without explanation.  The buyer only needs to contact the seller about his/her decision to withdraw from this Contract in the time period of 14 days from the purchase through the e-mail address: info@bam-music.com . The goods must be returned in the time period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

The goods must be returned unused, undamaged, in its original packaging and in the same quantity as when it was sold. Returns cannot be applicable to computer software, audio and  video recordings if the seal has been removed after delivery. The buyer must enclose a sale receipt and the  withdrawal form template . The cost of the return is payed by the buyer.

The buyer can claim return of payment , which the seller will return within 14 days to the buyer bank account. Exchange for another item is also possible. The item must be unused and in the original state. Regardless of the return time, the product must not be used in the time until return.



The standard warranty period is one year. Warranty does not apply to items that are considered to be expendable items and items subject to routine wear and tear. Items come with a warranty if stated so on the warranty card. The warranty is valid only if the product is used accordingly to the instructions on the warranty card and with a receipt. Warranty periods are stated on the warranty card or on the receipt. If there is no information on warranty period, the products either isn´t covered by a warranty or the information about the warranty is not known at the time of the sale. In the later case , the buyer can contact the seller who will provide accurate warranty information. The return of items under warranty carried out in accordance to the instructions written on the warranty card. In case the buyers wants to send the product back on the expense of the seller, it must be arranged with the  seller prior to sending.


Non-conformity of goods :

A defect can be attributed to non-conformity of goods if:

- the goods  are not  fit for the purposes for which goods of the same description would ordinarily be used; 
-the goods are not  fit for any particular purpose expressly or impliedly made known to the seller at the time of the conclusion of the contract, except where the circumstances show that the buyer did not rely, or that it was unreasonable for him to rely, on the seller's skill and judgement; 
- the goods do not possess the qualities of goods which the seller has held out to the buyer as a sample or model;


Enforcement of claims of non-conformity :

The buyer must let the seller know of any issues of non-conformity in written form in the legally designated time period. The goods must be presented for inspection to the seller. The procedures regarding non-conformity of goods are more specifically designated in the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) .



The seller hereby states that he uses adequate technological and organizational means to ensure secured data transfer, storage of personal information, orders and payments.

Right to privacy:

The seller obliges to permanently protect all personal information in accordance with the Personal data  protection act ( Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov) and  and the Insurance act (Zakon o zavarovalništvu) .All data acquired through the BAM GUITAR CENTER website, will be strictly used for sending informational material, offers, receipts and other relevant communication. Promotional communication will be strictly labeled as such. The sender will be clearly stated at all time. The wish of the buyer to not receive commercial messages will be accepted at all time.



The seller will to his best abilities try to present current prices and the accuracy of data portrayed on the webshop. Nevertheless . the specifications of products and their availability and price can change so quickly that the seller can´t change them on the web shop. In such case, the seller will notify the buyer about the changes and allow either a cancellation of order or change of order .



In accordance with legal normatives LM TRADE d.o.o  does not recognize any mediator of out of cort settlements for consumer disputes  as having jurisdiction in solving  any consumer disputes  , which the consumer could open in accordance with the Law for out-of cort settlements  of consumer disputes  (Zakon o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov).
LM TRADE d.o.o , as the provider of goods and services provides online retail  in the teritory of RS (Republic  of Slovenia)  , publishes the web link to the platform for online settlement of consumer disputes –online dispute resolution  (ODR ) .
The platform is available in the following link:
The above mentioned arrangement  is derived from the REGULATION (EU) No 524/2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL  on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on consumer ODR) .

Environmental responsibility

LM TRADE d.o.o. according to the principle of extended producer responsibility, its obligations arising from the European directives 2012/19 / EU and 2006/66 / EC, "Regulations on waste electrical and electronic equipment" (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 55/15, 47/16 , 72/18, 84/18) is carried out within the joint plans for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment of the company TRIGANA doo

Waste electrical and electronic equipment management

Separate collection and recycling of WEEE prevents the negative consequences of environmental pollution and the emergence of health hazards that can occur due to improper disposal of the product, and also enables the recovery of the material from which it is made, saving energy and natural resources.

If the product you want to dispose of is still working, hand it in at one of the reuse centers. This will extend its lifespan and prevent it from ending up prematurely among the waste.

More detailed information

Take a step into the green by visiting the website www.ozavescen.si and get more detailed information on the recycling of waste appliances, devices, batteries, accumulators and other waste.

The website provides a list of collection centers of utility companies and information on reuse centers, where you can rent out still working devices and appliances. 

Complaints and disputes: 

The seller abides by all legal codes regarding consumer protection. Buyers can send all complains and disputes  to the seller via e-mail to : info@bam-music.com or by regular post  to :

Bam guitar center

Trnoveljska cesta 2f

3000 CELJE



The buyer enters an obliging contract with the seller by  completing the order  and accepts all General terms and conditions 

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